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Franchise Opportunity

If your goal is to work independently as a boss and have a strong zeal to succeed, U-Pharma provides the ideal opportunity to reach your goal.

Setup U-Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a nationwide retail pharmacy chain that provides high quality generic medicines at truly affordable prices.

  • Zero Investments

    If you ever imagined starting a business without investment was a day dream than it is not. U-Pharmacy offering franchise opportunity.

  • Stock On Credit

    Providing credit facilities for invetory stock upto Rs.10,00,000/- no interest rates added. Opporunity to grow mutually.

U-Pharmacy Categories

Guarding your right for Competent Pharmacy Care

Our Store Designs

Hometown pharmacy with world class service.
Operations Manager
U-Pharma franchise business model, supports you with monopoly right, equity ownership, autonomy, management of your own business and long-lasting relationship with your customers, which forms the base for a profitable service industry in your preferred location.

"Great Reason to Partner with U-Pharma"

Highly Profitable with Proven Track