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Clinic Services

High end clinic facility with qualified doctors so that you get an overall service from consultation to medicines at one place.

Emergency Services

Our services are operational round the clock, Get your medicines and health care products delivered at your door step at no additional cost.

Medical store

we stock a wide range of quality and reliable medicines and health care product so that you don’t have to compromise for anything less.

Online Doctor Consultation

Relish the luxury of sitting back at the comfort of your house and getting live video consultation from our experienced doctors.

Welcome to Ultreos Pharmacy

Ultreos Pharma is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India. With over 700 products and 5 divisions we provide best Pharmacy to our customers. We at U-Pharma provide a wide range of products and cover all segments. All our products are ISO 9001 2015 WHO GMP Certified.

Our Pharmacy Stores

We believe in Quality with Comfort, be it with medicines. We are pledged to offer you a high-end Pharmacy experience with a pleasing atmosphere once u step in. Wide range of quality medicines, well trained staff, exceptional customer service, attached clinic facility with online doctor consultation are a few of our other offerings. All because we care for you!

Order over the phone or online and get your medicines delivered without stepping out of your house.

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Our Clinical Services

U-Pharma is fortunate to have on our senior staff a distinguished array of physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses and behavioral health therapists. These Clinical Services staff members have all practiced direct patient care, and many continue to do so while working at U Pharma.

We provide an array of services with clinical care, and healthcare transformation. We strive to make a difference by helping bring innovative therapies and diagnostics to the market.

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Patient Life in Hospital

As pioneers of Emergency care services in India, the Emergency Care centre at Apollo Hospitals guarantees you the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure.

The protocols at our 24-hour emergency service and trauma care department in India are designed to respond quicker, and have proven outcomes that are on par with the very best in the world. We actively leverage our multi-specialty prowess to deliver the crucial edge in emergency care.

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Free Consultation

"Find best Doctors in your area to get instant medical advice and second opinion for your health problems. Ask the doctors online and consult them on face-to-face video chat or phone."Get started now!

A proper consultation will be provided by the doctor as the confirmed timeslot will be reserved for the patient. And no other patient will not attend at during of the time. Doctor can suggest other tests including the main tests by seeing a patient as well he can suggest which are required for proper diagnose of patient condition.

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Our Services

The Ultreos Pharmacy is the first of its kind in the India. We use the highest quality standards, in our state of the art laboratory. The Patient Portal allows you to order and pay for your medication online. We employ a systematic quality management framework that strives to ensure quality conformance and improvement.

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment." - Dr. Jonathan Gobi

Business Proposals

Congratulations for being at the right place and at the right time to grab this exciting opportunity. If you want to own pharmacy business with low investment and 40% to 60% of return on investment in 12 months ”Then this is the right decision that you are going to take.

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